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TringMe 2.1 for Blackberry has newly redesigned UI and many new features. In addition to making free calls over WiFi & 3G, you can now call over slower networks like 2G as well, thanks to its new algorithms. It also now allows you to send free SMS (Messages) among TringMe users and shows online status of your friends & family. New social chit-chat feature allows you to talk to 16 million (& growing) TringMe users worldwide!

You can download it on your Blackberry by visiting from your Blackberry browser. To know more about how to use the application, visit here

Nice vid 🙂



Tangerine Haze

Old news– months have passed since this sweet and simple film was created.

This was my first real attempt at legit film editing through FinalCut Pro.

I did the entirety of the editing job, created the background music through Garage band, and starred in the second half.

It’s alright– YET THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT… and trust me, I do intend to improve.

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Berryshout is a website where you can check the latest official updates of your blackberry OS device software.
You can choose to search by carrier or blackberry device model.
Great site to stay in touch with the latest OS version and get the most out of your blackberry.

There is also an App section where you can check the latest releases of new apps for your blackberry which is pretty cool.

Have fun…



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