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The native Facebook client for BlackBerry smartphones gets another tiny beta v3.1.0.16 update fixing tons of issues. If you like being a tester, head over to Beta Zone & grab it today!
• Facebook for BlackBerry doesn’t receive notifications

• Groups wall not showing all posts

• The load more comments button was not available in some circumstances, making older comments inaccessible

• Photos on Group Wall does not open to correct photo

• If a post to a group fails the resend from notification does not resend

• Group icons do not match the icons that are displayed on the Facebook website

• Opening Groups from the Navigation Grid
multiple times opens multiple Group list

• Facebook notification did not show on device today view after SIMs swapping

• Did not get event invitation push notification

• Likes count incorrect in Likes list if launched from stagnant…

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A very cool and free theme: Notepad 2 anniversary.

Free to download from blackberry app world: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/79067/?lang=en



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Ever wanted to quickly send or save a friend’s contact, send a picture or browse the internet and the hourglass or clock symbol spins continuously on the BlackBerry smartphone. Well this is one major problem which RIM is yet to find a lasting solution to. Our goal is to  provide you with a temporary solution to this annoying problem.

First Option: Running Memory Cleaner

To do this, simply go to Options>Security>Advance Security Settings>Memory Cleaning>Enable(ensure to check the box)>Reduce the Idle Timeout to at least 5mins>Click on Clean (note you can also place this on your home screen)>Once the process has been completed, simply save.

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The Late Night Gamer

I wrote a guest post for Make Me Noise about why I think Blackberry is relevant in the smartphone game.


“It’s a Blackberry; you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s all the rage overseas”. Sometimes I hate how similar I am to a hipster. I know it’s tempting to make fun of RIM, what with them having trouble moving a billion dollars’ worth of unsold products, having repeatedly unimpressive handset lines, and their own customers switching to iPhones or Androids.  But even with the competition, RIM is still relevant. The last time I upgraded my phone, I had the choice between the Blackberry Curve and a Samsung Android phone. Two years later I don’t at all regret my decision to stay with the good ol’ crackberry. Read the whole article.

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Nice vid 🙂



Tangerine Haze

Old news– months have passed since this sweet and simple film was created.

This was my first real attempt at legit film editing through FinalCut Pro.

I did the entirety of the editing job, created the background music through Garage band, and starred in the second half.

It’s alright– YET THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT… and trust me, I do intend to improve.

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A new software update available for the blackberry curve 9360: version
You can download it from Berryshout
Please write your experiences with this update compared to the .336



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Posted: 13 June, 2012 in Software
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