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Capturing a screenshot of your BlackBerry display has been converted into an appealing job as recently overflow of various screenshot applications which are claiming themselves to be the best. Screenshot is very basic for our Windows or MAC computers but if we wish sharing any application screen shot, or the may it be any weather prediction, or an awkward message received. Doesn’t matter what it is, screenshots applications had become a requirement on each and every Smart phone. You all must be aware of this fact that BlackBerry PlayBook comes up with a built-in screenshot aspect but, sorrowfully, smart phones developers are continuously ignoring this fact but the developers are not underestimating this requirement and there are many 3rd party application that are perfectly serving the customers needs.

 There are many rumors that Official Screenshot features will be built in starting from the BlackBerry 10 but don’t know how long we have to wait for this unique…

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The Late Night Gamer

I wrote a guest post for Make Me Noise about why I think Blackberry is relevant in the smartphone game.


“It’s a Blackberry; you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s all the rage overseas”. Sometimes I hate how similar I am to a hipster. I know it’s tempting to make fun of RIM, what with them having trouble moving a billion dollars’ worth of unsold products, having repeatedly unimpressive handset lines, and their own customers switching to iPhones or Androids.  But even with the competition, RIM is still relevant. The last time I upgraded my phone, I had the choice between the Blackberry Curve and a Samsung Android phone. Two years later I don’t at all regret my decision to stay with the good ol’ crackberry. Read the whole article.

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Nice vid 🙂



Tangerine Haze

Old news– months have passed since this sweet and simple film was created.

This was my first real attempt at legit film editing through FinalCut Pro.

I did the entirety of the editing job, created the background music through Garage band, and starred in the second half.

It’s alright– YET THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT… and trust me, I do intend to improve.

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Berryshout is a website where you can check the latest official updates of your blackberry OS device software.
You can choose to search by carrier or blackberry device model.
Great site to stay in touch with the latest OS version and get the most out of your blackberry.

There is also an App section where you can check the latest releases of new apps for your blackberry which is pretty cool.

Have fun…



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Here a screenshot from the bettery lifespan of my blackberry 9360. Its a well know issue that the battery of the 9360 is not so great then its other brothers. Some say it depends on the apps you are using, others say its the device software that determines your battery lifespan. I can say that my battery last for minimum 2 to 3 days depending on the intensity I use it. For me I mainly use blackberry emails, wordpress and bbm. I love the 9360 but his older brothers battery the 8900 was much better. Maybe its a good idea for RIM to bring out a new battery with a higher capacity for this model.

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