The Annoying BlackBerry Hourglass. A Temp Fix.

Posted: 13 June, 2012 in Reblogs

Complabng's Blog

Ever wanted to quickly send or save a friend’s contact, send a picture or browse the internet and the hourglass or clock symbol spins continuously on the BlackBerry smartphone. Well this is one major problem which RIM is yet to find a lasting solution to. Our goal is to  provide you with a temporary solution to this annoying problem.

First Option: Running Memory Cleaner

To do this, simply go to Options>Security>Advance Security Settings>Memory Cleaning>Enable(ensure to check the box)>Reduce the Idle Timeout to at least 5mins>Click on Clean (note you can also place this on your home screen)>Once the process has been completed, simply save.

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  1. Hi, thanks for reblogging my post. Will definitely be visiting your blog more often. Cheers

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